Paytel Affiliate Program
Earn with Paytel affiliate program?
Paytel is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in South Africa. Install our banners or our text links on your site or add it in your emails and you will see that you’ll make more money than with any other affiliate program.  Our target market is ANY type and size of business.  From the home business, one man band to the corporate help desks.  Currently companies like DSTV, Junk Mail and the AA are using these the service and the market is still in it's  infancy especially in the medium and small business size class.
Amazing 50% commission?
We are passing the bulk of our signup commission to you since we are paying you 50% or more of the signup amount.   Earn 50%  (usually R 180.00) per activated customer that signs up trough your referral link.  The amount you earn  of R 180.00 is  excluding VAT which means you are actually earning 57% of the signup value. 
How to earn/ tracking customers?
Simply get customers to click on your referral link or the ads that we supply to you. You can place these ads or links on your website, in your email campaigns or do adverting.  Once a customer enters the site via your link we track them and you own that customer for one year. Any time he comes back to open an account we will credit you for the signup.  Even if he deposits money 3 months after his first initial click on your banner, you'll still get paid.
Stats and payments
Paytel offers accurate online stats updated daily. Payment stats are provided 30 days in arrear since  a customers debit order can still bounce in this time.  We send payments religiously at the end of the following month. We have never missed a single payment. Our reputation is impeccable.
How much can I earn?
Affiliates should never just ask how much commission they can earn, instead they should ask how much can they earn how often.  A referral program providing high profits is useless unless you get high sales.  i.e.  if you have a referral program offering you R 300 per sale but you only get 1 sale every 2 months that is not rewarding.  If on the other hand you get referral program that offers R 100 per sales and offers you 5 sales per day you are getting more bang for you buck.   The Paytel program offers high income, high conversion rates and high sales.  It is for this reason that any serious referrer should join the Paytel referral program!
Number of customers Earnings per month
1 customer per week R 720pm
1 customer per day  R  5400 pm
3 customers per day R  16 200 pm
5 customers per day R 27 000 pm
10  Customers per day R 54 000 pm
Why our affiliate program is a good choice
Our product is a virtual product  (not a physical product) which is given away to customers on a 30 day free trial.   We therefore get a much higher signup rate than other affiliate programs.  The Paytel affiliate program is easy to promote and generates customer turnover which ultimately leads to sales.  Should customer not cancel their trial you earn every time.
Negative points
Since we are giving away the service on a 30 day free trial you will have to initially wait a bit longer to get your first commission cheque (i.e.  30 day trial + 30 days payment in arrear)  However once the money starts coming in there will be no more interruptions.
How to apply
Click here to signup now.


Why Paytel affiliate
Virtual Product
Easy conversions
Customers get free 30 day trial
It's free
Earn 50% commissions (R 180)
Auto Payouts
1 year customer tracking