Affiliate frequently asked questions.


o    What is Paytel Partners?

The Paytel referral program offers monetary payment for customers directed to Paytel from the referrer. Becoming a Paytel affiliate entitles you to a share of the profit that these customers bring to the company. It is an easy and effective way to earn money from referrals or traffic on your website site.

All you have to do is place a link to Paytel on your website or send out mailers with your link to friends and subscribers etc. Then sit back, and watch the profits roll in.

o    How does the Paytel Partners program work?

Each time a visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links, or on one of the preapproved emails and ads we supply to you he is directed to the Paytel site where he can signup for a free 30 day trial. The trial is an opt out trial which means the customers is automatically billed when the trial expires unless they cancel the trial before the expiry date.  You will receive payment for each customer that pays.

The Paytel Partners program tracks your referred traffic and then pays you successful signups 30 days after month end of the date on which the transaction took place (in short the end of the following month).

o    Why should I become a Paytel affiliate?

Today, Paytel is a new innovative business service for all business sizes.   Traditionally premium rate numbers such as the Paytel number was only available to large organization.    Now Paytel is not only bringing the service to large organizations but to small and medium business as well.    The small and medium size business market especially is largely untouched, presently giving Paytel entrepreneurs and referrers a massive opportunity to capitalize on this untapped resource and  earn huge profits in the process.    

Many customers such as businesses struggling in a financial low are drawn by the simplicity and the profitability of the Paytel system, which generates income from an existing recourse and without having to spend any additional effort.

Paytel offers our affiliates high conversion rates and simple clear-cut easy to understand product which requires no support and no installation.   Because the product is a virtual product it is easy to manage and increases the simplicity of the system to allow an easy to sell easy to market and easy to deliver product. As a Paytel affiliate you can be a part of the online revolution and earn money by letting future customers profit from an existing resource to make use of the increasingly popular premium rated business number.

o    Is my website qualified for the Paytel Affiliates program?

In general terms, anyone can become a Paytel affiliate or referrer, it does not matter how big or small your website is.  We will do quick check and approve your account unless we feel there is a reason to call you first.   As long as your website/marketing activity is in accordance with our policy. Please review our terms and conditions for further details of the Paytel Partners policy.

Paytel reserves the right to terminate/refuse partnership if we find the affiliate in breach of the above terms and conditions.


o    How do I change my password, payment information and account details?

To make sub changes to your password, payment info or account details simply logon to your account.

o    As an Paytel partner, what affiliate tools do I have at my disposal in my account?

In your affiliate account you can find banners and emails and signup forms. You may use any and all of the available tools to promote Paytel on your website/s.

o    Where do I find these creative materials?

Once you log in to your Paytel Partners account you will see all the ”Ads & Promotions”  tab at the top menu.


o    What incentive can I give a client for him to sign up through an affiliate rather than by signing up directly?

When you become a steady Paytel affiliate with a steady flow of referred clients Paytel will provide special conditions and promotions for your customers. Such as additional discount vouchers etc

Furthermore, Paytel cookies do not compete with affiliate cookies.  What this means is that we only install cookies onto a client machine if the client enters the website from an affiliate referral link and not directly from the home page.  

o    How can I optimize my campaign?

Each Paytel ad, email  and referral ID contains a link ID  (LID)  that tells us and you on which ad a customer clicked to enter your site.   All these clicks are saved in the database and you can thus by using our predesigned marketing material  see which of your ads are the most effective.    You can also contact us be email  to request a special link ID (LID) for your own add or if you have more than one website. You can then utilize the result statistics to optimize your efforts.   

o    How do I find my html tracking code?

You may find your html affiliate tracking code by clicking on logging onto your account.


o    How do I know how much commission I have earned?

Your earnings are displayed in your affiliate account homepage “ quick report”  for more detail  you can click on full report and a breakdown of the commission and customers will be listed.

o    How often are the reports updated?

The data displayed in the reports in your affiliate account is real time data, updated live.  The only report which is not live is the number usage report displayed to customer on the amount of minutes and calls they received.   Number usage data is updated on the 28th of each month for the previous month’s data.

o    How will you know that the clients came from my site?

When a client is referred by an affiliate to our site he receives a tracking cookie specific to the affiliate or referrer. Therefore, even if the customer deposits a year after he downloaded the program, the affiliate will be credited.

o    I have many websites and want to track the revenue from the sites separately. How do I do this?

You can easily track traffic separately from every website or even every link by asking us to assign to you different Link ID’s  (LID’s)  To request a unique link id (LID) we send us an email to with your two website names, or names you would like to  monitor your links by.  We will send  you the links with applicable LID’s which you can use and view from your Affiliate Console.


o    Is there a minimum amount that is needed for me to receive my affiliate earnings?

The minimum amount for an affiliate payment is R550.  Once the profits owing to  the R550 threshold then the payment to you will be made the end of the month.

o    When do I receive my affiliate earnings?

Your affiliate earnings are transferred to your bank account at the end of each following month.  

6.     CONTACT

o    Where can I send my questions, comments and suggestions?

Please contact us with whatever is on your mind at   We'll be happy to hear your feedback and to answer any questions promptly and accurately.

Target market:
The Paytel affiliate program target market is ANY type and size of business.  From the home business, one man band to the corporate help desks.  Currently companies like DSTV, Junk Mail and the AA are using the service and the market is still in it's  infancy especially in the medium and small business size class.
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Benefits of the  Paytel programs
Virtual Product
Easy conversions
We do collections /support etc
Customers get free 30 day trial
Auto Bank Payouts
1 year customer tracking
Run from any location