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Quick Questions   

�  Is this a free program?

Yes, but it requires an R500 refundable deposit for the duration of the 90 days. During the free evaluation dealers has the same access as a normal dealer. The only exception is that no commissions or profits are paid out to dealers during the evaluation period.  Profits are kept in the dealer account until they activate their full dealership account at which time it will be paid.

�  Can anybody join the program?

Yes definitely. You don't need any prior experience or offices.  Dealers with the ability to appoint good sales agents or affiliates will get the best results.

�  Does Paytel offer sales help?

Paytel does not directly do sales on your behalf but will provide you with a set of ads and examples of emails you can use, as well as a website.  Where possible we will assist you.

�  Where do I get more information?

Once you have logged onto your dealer account you will have access to different information recourses and most of the info is contained in the dealer FAQ's.

�  When will i get access to the system?

You will get your logon name and password once your R 500 deposit has cleared or your first payment has been received.  

�  Where do I see what I earned?

Simply logon to your dealer account. We will also send you an email every month with the payment details and the money will reflect on your bank account.