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Benefits of the Paytel programs
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Quick Questions   

»  Is this a free program?

Yes, this program is 100% free.  Simply signup to start enjoying an easy additional income.    Alternatively you can start a full time or part time Paytel business by applying to become a Paytel reseller.  To learn more about the Paytel reseller program please click here.

»  Can anybody join the program?

Yes definitely, but you have to commit to stick to the marketing policy and terms and conditions.

»  Does Paytel offer sales help?

Yes Paytel will provide you with a set of ads and examples of emails you can use, as well as a website referral link.

»  What if I want my own website?

Affiliates will only receive a referral link.   To have your own website you have to become a full Paytel reseller.  Please click here to learn more about becoming a full Paytel reseller.

»  How/when do i receive payment?

Commission payment will automatically be paid in your selected bank account  after 1 calendar month.  

»  Where do I see what I earned?

Simply logon to your account. We will also send you an email every month with the payment details and the money will reflect on your bank account.